Online Blackjack is one of the most fun and simple games to play in a casino. Also known as “21,” the name describes the purpose of the game, that is, to beat the dealer’s hand without losing, which happens if you have a hand that is worth more than 21. In blackjack, the value of the card is equivalent to its number, the face cards are worth 10 and the Ace can be worth 11 or 1.

At the beginning of the blackjack game, each player places a bet and then they are dealt two cards to start. The dealer also receives two cards, but only one is shown at the table. As the player aims to win from the dealer’s hand, unlike other card games like Texas Holdem Poker, the game can be social and fun as players collectively try to win. If the first two cards dealt are 21 (an Ace and a face card or 10), the player automatically wins, unless the dealer also has a blackjack.

If the player is not 21, the game continues and they can choose to “hit” or add cards, or “stand,” and continue with the cards they have. In addition, online Blackjack players can double the bet, but only receive one card or split when they have a pair of cards. A split requires an additional bet as the player now has two hands.

After the cards are dealt, each player plays in turn followed by the dealer. Blackjack dealers generally have specific rules to comply with and must obtain a certain point, usually some number greater than 17, however, this depends a lot on the casino. Knowing the rules of the dealer is very important to the strategy of the blackjack player. So, it’s worth learning the dealer’s specific rules before playing.

Simple? Yes. Amusing? Certainly. Both online blackjack and casino blackjack are excellent games and are available in virtually all casinos. See below for a brief Blackjack guide with useful tips on the game.

  • A “black” soft hand is when the player has an Ace, which generally does not exceed 21 as the Ace can be worth 11 or 1.
  • Most experts recommend not to split (split) a pair of 10.
  • Don’t feel pressured by other players, create your blackjack strategy and use it.
  • If a dealer shows a 4.5 or 6, it is usually more sensible to choose to stand if your cards are more than 11. Statistics show that the blackjack dealer exceeds 21 40% of the time when he has that hand.

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